Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Card, Cushions and Mixed Media.

Just sharing a few things I've been creating recently.

A card for the Scrapbook Fantasies VIP November Challenge.

Some Cushion Covers.

 The top cushion is for Mr 5 who is obsessed with animal print. We used some fabric that Granma bought for him to make a cushion for his bed. He's hoping for a pair of pajama shorts to match. I don't know where this animal print obsession has come from as it's not my kind of thing. But I'm happy to go along with the 'jungle theme'. lol.

The brightly coloured cushion was a patchwork experiment. The corners don't meet up but I'm sure with practice and patience and the right tools this will become easier. Miss 7 seems to have taken a shine to this one and it now lives amongst the many stuffed animals on the end of her bed.

The bottom two cushions were made for our outdoor lounge chair on the back verandah.

Experimenting with Mixed Media on a note book cover. Drying time between layers is quite painful when your head is full of ideas. Maybe the idea is to have a few mixed media projects on the go.


Saturday, November 3, 2012

Decorated Notebook.

I recently purchased a new notebook to keep track of everything. It has cute little dividers in it which I'll no doubt decorate at a later date. I loved the basic brown craft cover but I've been wanting to make a pretty cover to personalise it. So this morning I woke up early and thought I'd get into it while everyone was tucked up all cosy and quiet in bed. My favourite time of the day. 
I started with a piece of calico which I spritzed with chocolate and blue. I then distressed some patterned paper and inked the edges. Inked a paper doily which I then machine stitched to the patterned paper. Also machine stitched the edges. The chipboard tree and bird are inked and thick double sided taped to the notebook. I used twine to tie the buttons to the branches and also wrapped it around the tree for a bit of texture. The nest is made from the threads and scraps that were lying on my desk. I put them between my palms and rolled them into a ball then flattened them out. I added a little flock (chopped tulle) The sticker words are from many years ago and have never been opened. They remined me of little random thoughts that might pop into my head during my day or while I'm creating. The piece of blue lace was from some containers that Mum decorated for my room when I was much younger. Somehow I've hoarded it and it's got a new use now. Not sure where all the supplies have come from as I have removed the packaging and can't remember all their details. I was hoping to use some texture paste and beads etc. but I'm so impatient (drying time) and just wanted to complete it today. Hoping to do some similar projects in the future.
I've also been wanting to change my blog header to something more me. As I was taking photos of my newly decorated notebook I thought they'd be cute to add at the top of my blog. It's all trial and error in the design department here. I have very limited computer skills but I'm slowly muddling my way through it.

Decorated Notebook

Close up