Saturday, February 1, 2014

Camping on school holidays.

We entered the school holidays with sick kids either sore throats, ears or eyes of some sort. All 3 kids managed to share their germs and it seemd like it was never going to end. 

Towards the end of the 6 weeks holidays we went camping for a week.
We enjoyed kayaking, swimming, bike riding, campfires, fishing, catching red-claw, campfire and camp oven cooking (including roasts and pizza) relaxing and lots of sleep ins. It was great to unwind and get some well earned fresh air. 

Mr 6 made a little friend with this little cutie.
Mr frog was even lucky enough to enjoy a few laps on Mr 6's arm as he rode his bike. I think he was happy when he was safely returned to his tree. 

The creek was filled with amazing things to see, among them this beautiful water lily.
We also got to see about 6 black swans and their brood of babies. Lots of other water birds too.
I'm glad our children get to see and experience all these things that we sometimes take for granted.

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