Saturday, February 1, 2014

Return to school.

We survived the school holidays and the kids have returned to school. 
We covered all their school books with brown paper and it was the left up to the kids as to how they were going to decorate them this year. 
Mr 6 chose to glue magazine pictures to his covers.
Miss 8 did drawings on each of her 31 books. (Yes 31 books) crazy huh?
Miss 12 decided on a few simple typo stamps on her covers for the first year of highschool.
The day before school started we baked a large batch of basic muffin mixture and agreed on 4 different flavours to add on top to keep everyone happy. After they cooled down I put them into a container in the freezer. We take them out each morning to add to lunch boxes. I think we'll continue to do this on a Sunday. More economical and a healthier option to store bought prepacked snacks.

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